Summer at our Yoga, Art, Science Studio

Chakra Chime

We just had an awesome summer of magic tricks, kitchen concoctions, bug collecting, art projects, and of course, plenty of yoga! We took a deep dive into motion, mindfulness and meditation through activities, exercises and stimulating conversations.

The smells of tea and incense filled the air in our new yoga, art and science studio. We cultivated positive energy and learned about ways to harmonize body, mind and energy to overcome obstacles. Check out some photos! Continue Reading →

A New Space For Yoga, Art and Science

IO Workshop | Mélong Ling

We are excited to announce that we will be opening a space for Yoga, Art and Science.

Phase one of construction will focus on IO Workshop, the study area for art and science. This is also the home of our hands-on science and yoga summer program, Camp IO. This phase will be completed by the first week of July, 2015.

Phase two will focus on the completion of Mélong Ling, our yoga studio. This will be a space dedicated to the practice of motion, mindfulness and meditation. We expect construction to be completed by early October, 2015.

We will keep you informed as we move forward.

Thank you for you continued support! Continue Reading →

Tea Meditation and The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea Logo

We are proud to announce that The Republic of Tea is sponsoring our Yoga of Tea classes. This winter, once a week, we are providing a different tea for our young yogis to taste. As part of our tea meditation, we will feel the weight of the cup in our hands, its warmth, and taste the many flavors. We’ll also discuss the benefits of remaining in the present moment and abide in peace as we drink with mindfulness; remembering the seed, soil, sunlight, rain, and the many people it took to bring the tea to us. We’ll also discuss the healing properties of tea itself and its background. Continue Reading →

Abiding In Peace Workshop

Vairocana surrounded by eight bodhisattvas

Learn to harmonize body, mind and energy through the practice of Yantra Yoga, The Tibetan Yoga of Movement. Demonstrate the Mandala Principle through a series of mindfulness exercises. Experience guided meditation accompanied by surround sound. Continue Reading →

The ‘Yoga Plate’ – Eat All Of Your Food!

Om Plate

Imagine for a moment that you have a beautiful plate of food sitting in front of you. On the plate are several kinds of healthy, delicious things for you to eat. Each type of food plays a part in nourishing your body. There are greens, grains, beans, fruits and perhaps meat or a meat substitute.

Now imagine only eating one of the foods on your plate. Pick any one. That one food, like the others, is healthy for you. It does its job to deliver its unique nutrients to their appropriate destinations. But, this is just one type of food out of several. What about the others? Continue Reading →

The Symbolism Of Sound

sound and symbols

Imagine the sound of shoes striking the pavement. In the immediate background are the sounds of a busy city. Like a rich stew, the unique mixture of background noises slowly reduce from a boil to a simmer. The sound of footsteps increases in pace and begins to reverberate. Meanwhile, the sound of a person’s quickened breathing can be heard. New background noises begin to emerge — a cat meowing, a garbage can lid falling to the ground, and water droplets falling on metal. Continue Reading →

Peeling The Orange

Orang peeled

Think of a juicy, sweet orange. Maybe it’s a mandarin, or perhaps a clementine. We all know that we have to peel off the layer of bitter skin to get to the deliciousness underneath. That one layer is the only thing between our taste buds and citrus nirvana. It’s simply a matter of digging in and peeling away the barrier. When it comes to our lives, this is often easier said than done. What can we learn from such a common piece of fruit? Continue Reading →

3 Reasons Why Yoga Isn’t Just For Your Kids

Stress Collage

You’ve signed your kids up for yoga and you can see the results. They’re exercising their bodies and minds, and learning to balance their energy. Here are three reasons why it’s time for you to take a look for yourself. Continue Reading →

The Breath of Spring

Spring Pagoda

Pink, yellow, blue, violet, and of course, lots of green. These are just a few of the colors that appear when spring arrives. In addition to colors, there are all kinds of scents and scenes of freshness. The rain and sunlight help create the conditions for new life to emerge from the ground. Birds collect worms to feed their young, while insects begin to help pollinate flowers and orchards. As humans, we begin to wake-up from a slow winter pace. Continue Reading →