Yoga Imaginarium

Stretch and pose! Close your eyes, relax and take a deep breath. Grow tall like a tree and then slither like a snake. Listen to the voice of the storyteller, as she guides you on a mystical journey. Enjoy the many magical sounds, as your imagination comes alive. Join yogis and brave adventurers. Meet dragons, fairies, pirates, robots and  other amazing things, as you explore new and strange lands, far, far away.

Yoga Imaginarium™ is a program that combines Yoga with storytelling, music, and sound effects. It has been designed specifically for pre-schoolers.

Children stretch, relax, develop focus, and expand their imaginations through our unique, interactive storytelling. Children become story objects and characters through a variety of fun yoga poses.


Six-week or Eight-week sessions
One 45 minute session per week

Minimum Participants
10 students

Maximum Partipants
20 students*

*If the class exceeds the 20 student maximum, we will be happy to discuss the addition of a second class.

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Pre-Schooler at Yoga Imaginarium demonstration